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Licensing Naturopathic Doctors in VA

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A topic near and very dear to my heart…

Please take a moment to read this letter below by Dr. Leah Hollon, President of the VA Association of Naturopathic Physicians (VAANP).

If this resonates with you, I ask that you take 5 minutes to send an email with your feedback to our legislators by this Friday, October 26th @ 5PM.  All details below, including a sample letter to send.  

I’ve been honored to be a client/patient of a Naturopathic Physician as well as call several of them friends and colleagues. They are desperately needed in VA so you, your friends and family have the option for natural health care, but it won’t happen without raising our voices.

My sincere thanks,



As many of you are aware,Virginiais looking at the possibility of licensing naturopathic physicians.  The Joint Commission on Healthcare (JCHC) has put together a study report about naturopathic medicine.  This report was presented this past Tuesday in Richmond where only 4 options were provided as possible next steps.  Now that the report is complete the JCHC needs your input.

Email responses from the public will be accepted for only 8 days until Friday, October 26th at 5pm.   This feedback will be taken to key legislators where they will vote on November 7 about the future of naturopathic medicine.  Their vote will then serve as a recommendation to full General Assembly and it will possibly guide what happens for licensure of naturopathic doctors in Virginia.

So I need your help!  Please write the Joint Commission on Healthcare because they need to hear from you.   The email address to send your responses to is  Additionally, please feel free to send this email to others so they can get involved.  Your personal email stories can be very effective.  My suggestion is to provide a concise email of a few sentences, which should only take about 5 minutes and states the following:


1- Your name and where you are from

2- That you support licensure and if you can be specific on the 4 options which one you would choose.  There are only 4 options at this time and they are listed below:

-Option 1: is to do nothing and keep VA naturopathic doctors unlicensed

-Option 2: is to give full licensure to NDs and no one else can call themselves a naturopath

-Option 3: is to give full licensure to NDs and lay people or certificate folks can call themselves a traditional naturopath

-Option 4: is to give licensure to a ND and let MDs or DOs provide supervision over the ND similar to a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant

3- Why you do or do not support licensure (your personal story can go here)

4- Send the email


*Please remember that it does not have to be an elaborate email just professional and to the point.  Again it should only take 5 minutes of your time.


Here is an example:

“My name is Jenny Sue and I am fromMarion,VA. I am in support of licensing naturopathic doctors in theCommonwealthofVirginiaand I support options 3 or 4.  The reason that I support ND licensure is because I have been working with an ND for some time who has helped me or my patient/friend/family member with my migraines when no one else could.  The migraines were often debilitating where it was common to lose 7 days of work monthly but now there is only 1 lost day of work.  My family/patient family is happier and healthier.  Thank you for your time and consideration”.   

–Jenny Sue


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.   If you are interested in reading the report or additional information about naturopathic medicine, I have listed a few links below.  Lastly, if you need any additional resources about naturopathic medicine, please let me know and I can provide it for you.   THANK YOU for getting involved and making your opinions known.  I thank you for your time, friendship and support!




Leah Hollon, ND, MPH

President,VirginiaAssociation of Naturopathic Physicians (VAANP)



The JCHC study:


Recent article on what is a ND:


Cost Effectiveness:


Adjunctive care of diabetes:

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